Field Trips

The Art of Sustainability is an engaging community and family event with activities to engage people in conversation about issues of sustainability and environment, using large-scale art as a starting point. At the center of the Art of Sustainability will be a fascinating exhibition of large-scale kinetic sculptures from internationally renowned artists.

This year’s green celebration will feature Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry, a performing arts company dedicated to promoting the fine art of puppetry through environmentally themed spectacles.

The Art of Sustainability has scheduled Saturday, March 3rd, for school field trips for students. We encourage teachers interested in fostering students' understanding of arts, science and environment to visit that day; they will experience the kinetic art exhibit and enjoy an exclusive IBEX Puppetry performance.

To schedule a field trip please contact: Pablo Remonsellez 321-690-6817 [email protected] Brevard Cultural Alliance Education & Community Arts Manager

Why Palm Bay?

One of Palm Bay’s greatest assets is its unspoiled, natural environment and proximity to the Indian River Lagoon. This event will provoke debate around issues surrounding the Lagoon, while highlighting Palm Bay’s assets.

Environmental Art & Curriculum Connections

In order to make your visit more beneficial for students, we recommend you review your curriculum standards to find ways to integrate the field trip with your school programs.

If, for example, you are an elementary school Visual Arts teacher you will find at least three standards that can be met by attending the Art of Sustainability and discussing with your students the art that is exhibited there:

  • VA.2.C.1.2 Reflect on and discuss various possible meanings in works of art.
  • VA.2.H.2.1 Identify differences or similarities in artworks across time and culture.
  • VA.2.H.3.1 Describe connections made between creating with art ideas and creating with information from other content areas.