International Student Visitors

The Art of Sustainability will play host to a group of university students from Great Britain, who will use the experience to help further their education and broaden their horizons.  All of the students are studying on the BA(hons) Fine Art course at De Montfort University Leicester.  The students were asked to share their thoughts while preparing for the trip.

De Montfort University Leicester

Notes from the students

Name: Lis Naylor

Year of study: 3 rd Year

“I am keen to experience working as a group to produce large scale public art as this is the focus of my practise going forward. This experience will be valuable for me, working as a consultative group, planning and preparation, execution of our combined efforts in design, allocating tasks, selecting materials, considering space, location, time allocated and the individual areas of expertise.”

Name: Kirstie Bridges

Year of study: 3 rd Year

“This will be my first time in the States and will be amazing to experience the Florida lifestyle first hand. To display with a team in a different cultural environment and to develop my skills in designing and creating. This opportunity will be valuable after university, in the next stage of my artistic career.”

Name: Melissa Beardmore

Year of study: 3 rd year

“The concepts discussed in our group meetings for the sculpture festival are all really exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing our combined ideas being born out of reusable materials, while raising awareness for the environment in the process. Everyone in the group has skills in different areas and this provides opportunity for great artistic collaboration. This will also be my first time in the US and I’m looking forward to experiencing different cultures and lifestyle!”

Name: Kyle Power

Year of study: 2nd Year

“An opportunity like this is so rare and exciting to come by during my studies and I was incredibly excited to throw myself into it and take part. Collaborating as a team of artists working towards a common goal is both inspiring and engaging. I’m looking forward to travelling to Florida, being able to take part in a piece of local culture and also use my art to convey an important message about sustainability.”

Name: Katerina Nikolaidou

Year of study: 2nd year

“This study trip to Florida is the best opportunity that am able to experience during my studies. This opportunity is very unique and I am glad that am a part of it. Cooperating and networking with other artists will help me improve my communication and organization skills. Taking part in this project is really fascinating because am exchanging my ideas with other artists and I really like hearing other options and ideas. The theme of the project is also very significant for me because I will have the chance to stand up and talk about environmental issues using art.”

Name: Jay Clarke

Year of study: 2nd year

“Art of Sustainability is a sensational opportunity for me to further my experience of artistic international progression. I find it uncommon to work within a group of such dedicated and well-informed students; it will be interesting to see how all our background will influence a piece that we are all thrilled to be working on. This chance of a lifetime gives us all the possibility to work professionally, develop our portfolios and for me personally to raise environmental issues whilst showing my views for the future of life on earth.”