Tips for Cleaning Garbage Files on a Computer / Laptop Without Software

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If the computer, laptop, or netbook you are using is loading and running very slowly, maybe one of them is due to a buildup of junk files on the computer you are using.

Trash files are actually small, but will accumulate and continue to accumulate every day because of the many activities that use your computer, then automatically junk files will continue to mount and make your computer load slow and slow.

There are two very simple and easy ways to get rid of these junk files. Here’s an easy way to clean junk files on computers, laptops, and netbooks without simple software.

Method 1.
By using a keyboard on your computer or laptop,
-Press the WINDOW + R button, then open the RUN window on your monitor screen. -Write% temp%
-Press OK, or Enter. (open the explorer window which contains temporary files).
-Remove all files, or Press Ctrl + A, then delete.
-Further. Press the Windows key + R. Write Temp. Select continue. -Remove all existing files. -Then. Press the Windows key + R again. -Type Prefetch. -Remove all the files displayed. Finished.

Method 2

– Open All Programs> Accessories> System Tools. -Select Disk Cleanup. -Select the drive you want to clean, usually the C drive that contains a lot of junk files. -Choose C, then OK

Thus simple tips on removing junk files on the computer.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who need it, hopefully it will be useful.

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