First Aid For Laptops Affected By Water or Floods

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First Aid For Laptops Affected By Water or Floods
First Aid For Laptops Affected By Water or Floods – High intensity rainy season is sweeping Jakarta and other big cities. This causes flooding in many residential, office and even shopping or shopping centers. Lately many laptop users have accidentally been hit by rain or floods.

Cases often occur when accidentally turns water seeping from the cracks of the bag that is exposed to rain, put the laptop in the house or office just below the ceiling which has leaked or seepage during the rain or the user who forgot to put the laptop on the floor of the house and it turns out when you wake up in the morning enter the house and inundate the floor and laptop below.

Then the question is, how is the first aid when the laptop is exposed to water?

If your laptop or netbook is exposed to water,

1. immediately, immediately and quickly unplug the charger or adapter attached to your laptop. Remove or remove the installed Battery Pack. Make sure all power sources or power are released from your laptop or netbook. Most laptop users immediately look for a hair dryer to dry the water that enters the laptop. Actually this is not quite right, especially if the water has entered into the casing gap and hit the inside of the laptop mainboard.

2. If you understand a little in terms of loading and installing casing of electronic goods, immediately unload your laptop casing. On the basic principle all the same, to remove the casing make sure all the bolts you have removed, use the screwdriver size in accordance with the bolt that you want to remove so as not to damage the bolt and hole casing where the bolt is. Take out the mainboard from inside the casing, yes on the mainboard the cmos battery is usually installed, immediately remove the cmos battery.

3. Remove the processor and memory from the socket. Water, especially rainwater, turns out to be very fast causing corrosion to the components and parts of the mainboard, in just a matter of 24 hours, the rainwater that hits the inside of the mainboard has made the components and electronic lines become corrosion. After the CMOS battery is removed, you can now start rinsing the part of the mainboard that is exposed to rain water using a soft brush and thinner.

4. Use enough thinner, brush parts of the socket and electronic components that are exposed to rainwater or which have begun to experience corrosion slowly. O yes, keep the laptop case away from thinner liquid because the thinner can easily damage the case. After cleaning the affected part of the water, then you can use a hairdryer to dry the remaining remaining thinner.

5. It should be noted, usually the rest of the remaining thinner will be tucked between the legs of the socket or electronic components. Use the compressor or simply blow loudly using the mouth of the part of the mainboard that you suspect is left over from the thinner. The point is to make sure the mainboard is in dry condition. Reassemble your laptop as usual, try turning on the laptop using only a charger.

6. If it turns out the laptop can turn on again normally, then install the battery pack. If it turns out that the laptop cannot be turned on, it means that there has been a sort circuit / shorting / damage to the component affected by water.

7. If this is the case, you will have to take your laptop to the service you choose and can be trusted.

Hopefully this little info can help you, if you have trouble doing all the things I wrote above, just make sure you remove the charger and battery pack from the laptop, immediately bring the laptop to the service place to be unloaded, cleaned and checked whether it is damaged or not.

Don’t ever try to turn on your laptop that is exposed to water by just drying it using a hair dryer without disassembling the case and removing the mainboard. Because it can be ascertained that the water inside the laptop will further aggravate the damage when you turn on the laptop.

Thus the article about “First Aid for Laptops Affected by Water or Floods”, hopefully useful.

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