8 Ways to Cool the Easiest Motherboard

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As the name suggests, the motherboard is the main board of a CPU or laptop. The board, also called the mainboard, consists of many circuits that allow connection to all components inside the CPU or laptop. If imagined, the motherboard is like a socket with lots of plugs to allow for electric current, but of course the motherbiard is more complex. Moreover, smaller packaged motherboards and embedded into a CPU or laptop.

Imagining the complexity of the motherboard arrangement, there will be a lot of energy exchange on this board. Energy in an electrical component and a computer can not be separated from the emergence of heat energy, even though this is completely undesirable. Then how did this happen? There are several causes of CPU heat, which of course can be related to the cause of a hot motherboard. If it’s too hot, sometimes the CPU turns itself off.

Knowing the importance of the motherboard as a component of the CPU part, the motherboard should be kept in good condition. Keeping the motherboard not too hot is also an effort to maintain the health of the motherboard. As a result of motherboard damage can be very complex because this tool really has a very important function for a computer and laptop. And of course the price is quite expensive if you have to replace your motherboard.

Here are some ways to cool a hot motherboard:

  1. Provides air flow

This first method you must do regardless of your motherboard that has already been hot or not. Providing air flow to the CPU and laptop keep other components from experiencing a rise in temperature as well. Do not use a laptop on a mattress.

As for computers, try to make your computer room not have a hot temperature. If that happens, the air conditioner will help to maintain the stability of your computer’s temperature. The design of the CPU casing generally allows for the flow of air in and out of the CPU. You only need to maintain the temperature of your room.

  1. Use a closed case

Many people assume that by opening the CPU case it will streamline the air flow and cool the CPU when used. Air flow will indeed be very smooth, but the air flow is no longer filtered by the casing. So that a lot of dirt enters and attaches to the components inside your CPU. If this dirt sticks and is stubborn, the computer’s performance will be hampered and it is very possible that the temperature of the computer components will rise because the air flow is blocked by stubborn dirt.

  1. Keep your computer clean

Inside the CPU there is a fan that functions to give air flow so that your CPU is not hot. The gap in air flow on the CPU also functions the same, which is to provide air flow when the computer is used. But it turns out this gap can also be the entrance of dirt and dust into your CPU. This incoming dirt usually has a fan as its target.

If the CPU fan is dirty, the performance is no longer maximal so the air flow is not smooth. This is one of the causes of hot computer motherboards. So making a schedule to clean the computer is also important to prevent the heat of your motherboard. No need every day, once a week is enough to care for your computer.

  1. Place the computer in the right place

The position and location of the computer greatly affects computer performance. Do not put your computer in a place that keeps the computer’s performance getting heavier. For example, put it in a hot or dirty place. If possible, install AC on your computer room. This will reduce the heat caused by your computer’s motherboard. In addition, the number of cables around the computer also affects the temperature of the computer. Arrange as neatly as possible on your computer cables. In addition to reducing the heat of your CPU, the neatness of computer cables also reduces the danger for people or objects around your computer.

  1. Stop Overclocking

Overclocking is the use of computers in a very long time. The use of computers has limits depending on the specs of each computer. Do not let your computer turn on for more than 24 hours without resting if your computer is not a special computer. The duration of computer usage affects the temperature in the motherboard CPU. The longer the usage, the more heat will last longer. If indeed you need a computer for a long time, it is wise to rest even though one or two hours to cool the components on your computer.

  1. Install the water cooling kit

Water in the computer? It seems like it sounds unnatural. But you don’t imagine your CPU will be moistened with this water. Water cooling kits are tools that are useful for cooling the CPU including the motherboard. This equipment is made in such a way that the cold water flow only passes on pipes or channels, so your CPU is not wet. Our water cooling is designed to absorb heat with cold water flowing in the channel.

  1. Pay attention to the state of the power supply

Power supply has an important influence in contributing to the computer’s heat temperature. If your power supply is old, then you need to replace a new one so that the device does not change a lot of energy into heat.

In addition, the fan in the power supply is important to cool CPU components. See if this tool still works well. Unfortunately, if the power supply fan is damaged, you cannot replace it. You have to buy a new power supply.

  1. Using coins

Cool the computer with coins? Sounds strange, but you know, this is a way to cool your CPU, including your motherboard. But the coins used are not just any coins, but coins made of copper. This material is on a 500 rupiah yellow coin. If possible, make a special place for coins in your CPU. Copper coins will absorb heat generated by your CPU. So from now on, if you have 500 yellow rupiah, you should save it to cool your computer.

Those are some ways to cool your motherboard from hot temperatures. Basically, the motherboard heat will affect the overall CPU temperature. That also happened the opposite. If the components in your CPU are hot, then the motherboard inevitably goes hot too.

Using a computer naturally will keep your computer in a normal state. Unless the computer is old or has a lot of age. Take care of your computer properly so that you don’t easily lose costs for your computer.

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