6 Functions of Computer Architecture and Types

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When we are making something, we must have thought about what kind of concept we want to make. For example, what kind of model, how it works, what system to use, how to make this tool work optimally, and so on.

Well, the concepts mentioned above have in common with computer architecture. So, basically computer architecture is one of the sciences in the world of computers that is more focused on planning computer systems that will later be made with existing costs.

In computer architecture, a technician or computer designer must think that all the components in the computer can work properly.

Function of computer architecture

Computer architecture has many functions, especially for a programmer and computer technician. Its functions are as follows.

  1. Initial planning of a computer

By studying computer architecture, programmers or technicians can find out what a computer design is like. That way, when a problem occurs on the computer, the technicians already know which parts need to be repaired without having to disassemble further.

2. More processors can be needed

In general, a computer processor only requires one component. However, with the existence of computer architecture, a computer unit can be planted with two or three processors. With the many processors that are planted, it can provide convenience for computers so that their performance can be maximized.

3. More users can

Another function is that it can be used on many users. If in general one computer is only used for one user, then by using this architecture, a computer system can be used by many users. The concept of server-client computers is also one of the computer architectures that is currently being used.

4. Can do multitasking

Maybe you are not aware that one of the goals of studying computer architecture is to create a system that makes computers open many applications. At the start of the computer, at that time only one application could be opened. After the existence of computer architecture, now it is not only opening one application. In fact, one computer can also open many applications at the same time. This is certainly very beneficial in terms of time so the process is much faster.

5. Ensure that computer components can run smoothly

By using computer architecture, technicians can ensure that all computer components that have been designed or that have been made can run well and are ready for use. Do not let the computer be used even if an error or other errors occur.

6. Provide a description of the application made by the programmer

For programmers, computer architecture is very helpful for them in making applications and software that will be needed by humanity. That way, we can get to know various kinds of applications and software that are currently often used everyday.

Types of computer architecture

Based on computer components used today, there are several types of architecture used, among others.

SISD computer
Computer SISD or abbreviation for Single Instruction Single Data is a computer model made by Von Neumann. The distinctive features of this computer model are on one processor which is used as one. The concept of SISD computers is that every run of arithmetic and logic schemes can be done only one calculation. Because, when one instruction occurs, the computer machine only reads the data once. Examples of SISD computers are mini computers and PCs.

MIMD computer
MIMD computers are types of computers that conceptualize in parallel. This type of computer has a processor function, each of which is arranged by one unit as a controller. In addition, commands that enter the processor can be run even though the commands are different. Therefore, this type of MIMD computer includes computers that can run special applications that require high-level operations.

That is the function of computer architecture in the world of computers. After looking at the functions that exist in this architectural concept, we can be grateful that the development of computers today is inseparable from the computer architecture that has been created since the first generation was created. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you

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