5 Ways to Repair Laptop Motherboards that Are Totally Off

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Motherboard is one of the most important computer components with various types of motherboards sold in the market. Without a motherboard literally there would not be a computer system that could work. With the motherboard, it allows the CPU to communicate with RAM, access data on data storage media, and so on. Considering how important the motherboard functions on a computer, the price of repairing or buying a motherboard is usually expensive, maybe around a quarter or even half the price of the computer that you have overall.

Therefore, for computer users, at least they should know the characteristics of motherboard damage, the characteristics of the motherboard is damaged, the cause of the motherboard is totally dead, and the cause of motherboard damage at the basic level so that problems can appear on the motherboard.

Then what should you do when there is an indication of a problem with the motherboard that you have? Do you have to replace it with a new motherboard or there are other things you can do besides replacing your motherboard to improve the condition of the laptop motherboard that is totally dead?

  1. Change memory / RAM

Sometimes the symptoms of a damaged motherboard die, total blank screen aliases are caused by the memory installed in your motherboard’s memory slot that has been damaged, does not match, or does not enter the slot perfectly. So when it is turned on, the processor will not be able to read where the memory can be accessed so that the boot-up process will not run properly so that it appears that the computer is totally dead, the screen has no access, and so on.

You can try to replace the installed memory if you have backup memory so that you can determine whether your motherboard is totally dead due to faulty memory or due to other problems. Don’t forget to apply the method to find out the RAM of a DDR 2 or DDR 3 laptop so you don’t mistakenly change your laptop’s memory.

  1. Replacing the VGA socket

One problem that might appear is that there is no display on the screen but your motherboard beeps which indicates that the condition of the computer devices connected inside it is good and can be boot-up into the system. If this happens, the problem that might occur is the VGA socket that has been damaged and needs to be replaced. You can confirm it by installing a different graphics card to find out if the socket can still function or not. If it is clear that the socket cannot function properly, all you need to do is replace the VGA socket.

Because replacing a socket requires technician skills that are quite heavy, then you should be careful and if you never do it or are hesitant to do so, you can hire a technical service to repair the damage.

  1. Replacing the power supply socket

One reason why the motherboard is totally dead is because there is no electricity flowing through the motherboard. This can happen because the connecting socket between the motherboard to the power supply unit has been damaged or may be too dusty so that the electrical connection cannot be connected to the maximum.

To overcome this one problem you can do several things. First is to replace the electrical sockets on the motherboard you have, and second is to replace the power supply cable or power supply unit that you own. So that you don’t do waste, then of course what you need to do beforehand is to make sure which part is really damaged. It could be the damaged IC motherboard on your motherboard. Adjust the power supply socket with the capabilities of the various chipsets on the motherboard in your motherboard.

Therefore if you do not know the skills needed to repair the motherboard, you should trust the skilled and trusted technician. But if you can do it yourself, of course you have to do it yourself to save money.

  1. Replace the processor

The main component in the computer is the processor. Damage to this component can cause your motherboard to be completely fine and not be able to function properly. Therefore, when the cause of the motherboard that is totally dead is because the processor has been damaged, of course you have to replace the processor. The bad news is, on laptops whose processors are soldered directly into the motherboard, then replacing these processor components will be very difficult if not practically impossible.

If you have the type of motherboard that the processor is directly soldered in, it will be better if you buy a new motherboard because the risk of failure to open and install the processor on the old motherboard is also relatively small. In addition, there is nothing wrong if you check the various chipsets on the motherboard and check the functioning of the chipset function to ensure the state of your motherboard chipset.

  1. Replacing IC

One of the most frequent reasons why a motherboard is totally dead is because its IC has been damaged due to excessive use, often overheating, causing the IC to not function properly and will eventually be damaged. When it has been confirmed that the cause of your motherboard is totally dead is because the IC has been damaged, then all you need to do of course is to replace the motherboard IC. Therefore, there is nothing wrong for you to know why laptops are fast heating to avoid damage to this IC.

IC replacement requires separate technical skills, such as the release of ICs, soldering and so on. If you can’t do it yourself, hiring a technician is one of the wisest choices. Thus the IC on your motherboard can be replaced perfectly. But if you already have these skills, of course you can do it alone without having to wait for a technician who can work on the IC replacement.

IC replacement also allows to be a way to deal with undetected headsets on laptops that you might also experience when your motherboard is damaged.


Those are some ways to repair a totally dead laptop motherboard that you can apply manually. One of the keys to repairing a damaged motherboard is precision and patience. Therefore, you must be patient and careful when trying to repair your laptop motherboard. Don’t forget to also read other articles that will increase your knowledge about the computer world.

Good luck repairing your laptop motherboard!

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