5 Causes of Laptops Affected by Viruses Often Performed

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Talking about viruses, maybe for lay people, they will think of it as a virus that attacks humans. Although the symptoms are the same, the cause is certainly different. The symptoms are the same because both human and computer viruses are equally harmful. Viruses on computers can cause computer or laptop performance to be slower, important files disappear, and can even make a computer or laptop totally dead.

This of course interferes with the performance of a computer or laptop. Especially if important files are affected by a virus. This makes us angry. Many people are curious, why can a computer or laptop get a virus? Where did the virus come from? To get the answer, the following causes the laptop to get the virus that you need to know.

  1. Frequently visit sites that are not trusted

The purpose of sites that are not trusted are sites that contain illegal content. For example, porn sites and pirated sites. How did it happen? Because pornographic and pirated sites are sites that provide applications and movies that are actually banned but still made to attract profits.

It is no secret that Indonesia is one of the countries that frequently visits pornographic sites and application piracy sites. Therefore, if you visit the site, it can endanger your own laptop. Because the content that you download and you see there is usually already entered a code – a computer virus code such as a trojan virus. Please note that the Trojan is one of the deadliest computer viruses in the world. Therefore, you should avoid such sites.

2. Never flash scan

When you insert a flash disk, do you often scan first? If not, then it’s not surprising that your laptop gets infected with viruses easily. You need to know, the more often the flashdisk is used on each device, the greater the computer virus goes into the flash disk.

The way it works is when you run a file that is on a flash disk. When the file starts, that’s when the virus works. Therefore, before you use a flashdisk, you have to scan it first with anti-virus. If the virus has attacked the flashdisk, you can learn how to remove the virus on the flashdisk with CMD.

3. Do not install Anti-virus

Every computer or laptop must have an antivirus application. Because, if you do not use an antivirus, the laptop will be easily attacked by various viruses. Anti virus itself now varies from small size to large size. Don’t worry about the cost because generally antivirus is free. Even if you want a more protective complex, you can buy the premium version.

Besides being installed, you also have to often see whether the antivirus is updated frequently or not. If the antivirus gets a update, just do it. Updates are made to strengthen the security system so that if a new virus can be dealt with immediately.

4, Turn off the firewall

Windows firewalls and windows updates are also important elements in laptops. The function of the firewall is a facility created by Microsoft as a protection system found on computers and laptops. If you turn off the firewall, various viruses will automatically enter easily and this can damage the system on the computer.

Likewise with Windows Update. The function of Microsoft almost always does windows update is to strengthen the system that is on the computer or inside the laptop so it is not easily broken into by hackers and also immune to viruses. Therefore, sometimes you turn off the Windows Firewall and Windows Update features.

5. Install pirated applications

Spinning pirated applications is likened to simalakama fruit. On the one hand, without piracy, it is not possible that the IT world can grow rapidly like this. But on the other hand, piracy is a criminal act because it harms the creator. In addition to harming creators, pirated applications can also harm the recipient of the application. Because, some pirated applications are also embedded with viruses.

In addition to pirated applications, pirated games are the same. Because the price is indeed quite expensive to make people choose pirated to be able to enjoy it. But it is the same as pirated applications. In pirated games, too, sometimes a very dangerous virus has been pinned on your laptop. Therefore, as much as possible you use an application that is officially sold. Although in terms of price it is very high, but the aspect of security is of course guaranteed.

That’s why laptops are exposed to viruses that you need to know. From the causes, it can be concluded that the virus can attack your laptop because of your lack of knowledge of the computer world. Remember! The people take advantage of the innocence of people who are still lay computers to spread the virus. Therefore, you have to read a lot about the world of Technology and Information so you know how to check for viruses on your laptop. In addition, if your laptop has a virus, you can read articles about how to deal with viruses on laptops without antivirus. That way you have experience in dealing with computer viruses and laptops. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.

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